ADBO Consulting offers a variety of services to our clients. Please Contact Us for prices and further information. We have both fixed price opportunities and by the hour projects - which ever better suits your budget and plans.


Writing & Research

We will do research on any topic and create written material as needed. We will also write marketing material, blogs, press releases, help content, and related material. We will also transcribe and do data entry when needed. This material may or may not use AI to generate, modify, or enhance the material based on your preferences.


Web Site Design

Having a professional web site that is easy to maintain is important in this digital age of fast changing marketing environment. At ADBO Consulting we will work with each client to design a unique site that is both professional and easy to maintain. There are now many sites where you can easily and affordably create sites for your business. We will recommend and train you to use one of these sites that works best for your business needs at an affordable price.


Web Site Maintenance

We will gladly train you to maintain your own site. This is now an easy thing to do depending on the type of site you select.


Consulting Services

Want to build your own web site with available technology? For an hourly fee we will guide you through the process of what you need to do to get up and running as well as market effectively.


Contact us for more information by clicking Contact Us Now! to see how we may be of service to your specific needs.



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