Portfolio of Current and Past Clients

Current clients and web sites that are maintained by ADBO Consulting

Past Clients and web sites that were maintained by ADBO Consulting


Current Clients & Websites

Dancing Bear Healing Center (DBHC) - Online health consultations based on Traditional Chinese Medicine using acupressure with essential oils.

Dr Beverly Lawrence ADBO LLC Founder Site

Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy (DBEA) - Download our FREE Smartphone APP as well as get an overview of DBEA and its course programs both live, Evergreen, and mini-courses, many of which are free.

Dancing Bear Academy - Subscribe to DBEA Newsletter Signup page

Dancing Bear Foundation - coming soon.

Dancing Bear Way - a metaphysical and alternative healing web site that specializes in alternative healing methods. Information is available on a wide range of topics. This site has won an award as an information site and is listed as a reference site at many other alternative and medical sites. It is on its second design and logo. Founded in 1995.

Holistic Transformation & Healing Mastery Summit - This s a semi-annual, international, virtual summit of international holistic practitioners & coaches. Included topics are spiritual &Soul Healing, Holistic Health, Holistic Healing, & Holistic Business Tools. The site is active in March, April, September, & October.

Holistic Holistic Transformation & Courses related to Holistic Health, Holistic Medical Intuition, as well as Health & Spiritual Development using Meditation.

Divine Source Light site. Demonstrates how to bring in and use Diamond / Divine Source Light energy system with Medical Qi Gong for clearing the channels of the body.


Past Clients & Websites

Project Management & Other Services (Past):

Soft Docs Solutions - we have supported many of their projects including: Auditing of financial QuickBooks data using Excel, Implementing AI help system for a French company, creation of PowerPoint slides for a Homeopathic College, and many other projects as needed.

BL Internet Marketing - how to Market on the Internet as well as have a successful home based business using MLMs. (2002-2010)

Capriana HOA - A non-profit HOA community management organization (2007-2020).

Western College of Homeopathic Medicine - SEO

NPAC - Naturopathic licensing site - they were at www.GlobalNPAC.com but no longer online

Project managed the implementation of the Incentive Software Sales Commissions system with a web interface for reporting. This system was nominated for a Technical Innovation Award.
Project Managed an e-Commerce system for Education, Manufacturing, and Finance using the Pay-linX software.

eConvergence Logo eConvergence Inc. - updated Press Releases and other time sensitive material.

cisco systems

We previously managed Internet, Intranet, Extranet and other related projects for Cisco, including e-Commerce, seminar and event registrations, and many interesting applications. We also designed and deployed internal and external sites for Cisco as well.

Web Site Design and Management (Past):

Wild Horse Healing Arts - A Naturopathic Medical Clinic.

Red Ball Fundraiser site, 2006, no longer available online

Launch Doctor -This is a new site which replaces the old Catherine Kitcho Consulting site. The new design was created in 2001. We no longer maintain this site.

pele publications

Pele Publications - This site is on its third design; it is an online publishing and reference site for business and product marketing issues and needs. The latest design is from 2000. We no longer maintain this site.

JVA Business Services...Your Marketing Connection! JVA Business Services is your one stop, marketing and advertising connection for products and services designed to promote your business. This site is being redesigned now and a new version will be available soon. We no longer maintain this site.


The Results Group (TRG) is the leading operations management consulting firm in helping technology companies achieve exceptional business performance. This site was redesigned in 2001. We no longer maintain this site.

new venture strategies

New Venture Strategies was a consulting firm that specialized in high-tech product launches. They had several designs; this is the last one. They are now The Launch Doctor. This site is no longer available.

Fremont Notary Public - This site is no longer available.

genesis capital group

Genesis Capital Group, LLC was a financial consulting organization. This site is no longer available.

guthrie building and maintenance

Guthrie Building Maintenance, Inc. (GBM) specialized in maintaining commercial and industrial buildings. Site is no longer available.

a ramblin rose travel

A Ramblin' Rose Travel specialized in cruises and tours to destinations worldwide. Site is no longer available.


This site was a quick startup design for the VCs. This site is no longer available.

New Jersey All-State Orchestra for 1964-1966 - This site is a site for members of the Orchestra to reconnect. There are thumbnails of all known and unknown members that link to larger photos and even current BIOS where the information is available. Most of the site is password protected. This site is no longer available.

Maitreya Sangha Communications - This site was a sub site of a larger site. It had flash graphics, calendars, a message board, and other features. We no longer maintain this site. This site is no longer available.

abwa palo alto charter chapter

American Business Women's Association (ABWA), Palo Alto Charter Chapter is an organization dedicated to helping women in business and supporting students through scholarship awards and grants. This site is no longer available.

abwa dumbarton bridge chapter

American Business Women's Association (ABWA), Dumbarton Bridge Chapter is an organization dedicated to helping women in business and supporting students through scholarship awards and grants. This site is no longer available.

tbsn spanish site

Spanish web site for TBSN, a Buddhist organization. We no longer maintain this site.

wireless wonders

Original quick startup design sample. This site is no longer available.

T and T Aquarium Koi Pond is an Aquarium Store located in San Jose, California. This site is no longer available.

Barbara Offer - Barbara is a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Spiritual Counselor. This site is no longer available.

Graphic Artist, Yancie - small personal site, no longer available

Past Consulting and/or Web Management:

ChalkBoard Network - consulting on streaming video and interactive training technologies.

Synplicity - developed electronic customer contact forms that provide white-papers for visitors to their web site.

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