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ADBO ® Consulting, a Division of ADBO LLC, is a consulting and research organization. We help entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and on-profits implement their projects at affordable rates. This includes research, writing, documentation, Internet Marketing, web development specifications, SEO, as well as other related tasks as needed.

ADBO Consulting was founded in January of 1996 in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. In 1999, ADBO Consulting became a division of ADBO, Inc. In 2000 the name ADBO was trademarked. Customers were located throughout California and in Nevada. In 2002 ADBO Inc. was dissolved, and the company reverted to ADBO Consulting and moved to Chandler, Arizona. This was in response to the downsizing of the technology industry in the Silicon Valley.

In 2009 ADBO Consulting became a Division of ADBO LLC.

We help our clients market their products and services by developing plans, training, and writing specification and marketing copy. Within the organization there was over 40 years of computer industry experience working with everything from mainframes and UNIX servers to PCs and Macintosh workstations. Experience includes many programming languages and related software.

We both created and managed many web sites (over 1,000 at one client alone) that are on the Internet, and on Client Intranet's. We have consulted and managed projects for large enterprises, developing many exciting web sites that included electronic commerce, registration systems, lead generation systems, Sales Commissions, legal document exchange and other applications. We have also created web sites for individuals, small businesses, and non-profits - visit our Client Portfolio page for references (coming soon).

Also available are help notes for applications as well as custom graphics.

On this site are several pages with information that may be helpful to you in understanding what you might need on your web site, as well as possible strategies for success in designing your web site.

Thank you for visiting ADBO Consulting, we look forward to helping you build your Internet presence.


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ADBO ® LLC was founded in Arizona in 2002 when ADBO Inc. moved from California. ADBO Inc. was founded in 1995 in Silicon Valley where it had three divisions; ADBO Consulting, Dancing Alternative Healing Center (founded in 1996), and Dancing Bear Way (which was founded in 1992).

ADBO LLC has four divisions: ADBO Consulting, Dancing Bear Healing Center, Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy, and Dancing Bear Way.